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Bring out the best of our solution for creating, managing, and selling out your events.
Events Pages
No Limits
Enjoy the freedom to create and manage unlimited events pages at no extra cost. Whether you are organising free or paid events, we will never limit your creativity and mission of bringing people together.
SEO Friendly
Worried about Google not indexing your event page? Fear not. Your event page is meticulously formatted following SEO best practices, and your URL will mirror the name of your event.
Contact Form
Empower your attendees to connect with you effortlessly through a contact form on your event page.
Cover Image
Set the tone for your event by uploading a captivating cover image. This image will grace the header of your event page and serve as the preview when your page is shared on your social media platforms.
Beautiful Themes
With Tixtree, you're empowered to customise the visual presentation of your event pages according to your preferences. If tinkering with colors isn't your cup of tea, fret not! We've streamlined the process for you. Just select your brand color, and let Tixtree handle the rest. Your chosen style seamlessly carries over to your embedded widget, ensuring consistent brand identity across all platforms.
Events Listing
Easily showcase all your public events on your organisation page. This way, if someone can't attend a specific event, they can browse your schedule and book for what's next.
If you're puzzled about why your event isn't selling as anticipated, don't worry, we've got you covered! We provide key metrics such as unique visitor count, conversion rate, bounce rate, and bounce point are essential data for understanding how to boost your sales.
Access Codes
Ensure privacy for your exclusive events by protecting your event page with an access code. This feature allows you to restrict access to only those invited, ensuring that your private gatherings remain secure and exclusive.
Bulk Event Creation
Managing hundreds of events offline through excel? We sorted that out! You can create event pages in bulk by simply uploading your excel.
Mobile-first Design
Given that the majority of internet traffic is generated by mobile devices, rest assured that your event page will be fully responsive. This ensures that your tickets can be seamlessly sold to anyone, anywhere in the world, whether they're using a smartphone or tablet.
Your events know no bounds. Both in-person and online events can access all features without limitations, ensuring seamless experiences across both formats.
If you're unsure about the exact location just yet, no worries! You can reassure your attendees that the location details will be announced soon.
Google Map
Enable your attendees to locate your event with a single tap. For in-person events, your page will feature a 'Show Map' button, guiding attendees directly to your venue's entrance.
Refund Policy
Streamline your communications and minimise complaints by incorporating a refund policy directly onto your event page, saving time and providing clarity to attendees.
Embeddable Widget
You can embed our booking process on your website, enabling ticket buyers to make their purchases without ever leaving your page. And with our powerful theme editor you can make sure the widget style is reflecting the one on your website. The integration is simple as copying and pasting a single line of code, and if you need assistance you can contact our technical customer support.
Multi Currency
Sell your tickets in 30 available currencies.
Discount Codes
Are you looking to boost attendance and reward your loyal attendees? Look no further! With Tixtree, you can effortlessly create custom discount codes tailored to your event's needs.
Effortlessly track the dates and amounts of your Stripe payouts directly from your Tixtree dashboard.
Stripe Integration
Accept payments by credit or debit card, digital wallets, Buy Now Pay Later and more through Stripe. Our integration won't redirect your customers to the payment processor's website, keeping their focus on what really matters: placing the order. We continuously enhance and expand this integration to ensure you can seamlessly manage all aspects of your operations without having to leave Tixtree pages.
If you are organising charitable events you can accept donations from your donors at no extra cost.
Are you a fan of FOMO marketing? You can optionally A/B test the number of minutes available to your customers for completing the order so that they can feel a sense of urgency and not miss out on your event.
Comprehensive Reports
Easily monitor your revenues, both gross and net, and gain detailed insights into your costs, including fees from Stripe and Tixtree.
Dates & Times
If your event recurs, our simple UI can generate a sequence of dates for you. Simply select the start and end dates, choose the frequency - whether daily, weekly, or specific days of the week — and let the magic unfold.
Date & Time Formats
The world speaks different date and time languages. You have the flexibility to choose your audience's preferred one by selecting the optimal date and time format for your event.
Displaying the timezone on your event page is essential for online events. With just a simple click on a checkbox during event setup, you can ensure your audience knows exactly when to tune in, regardless of their location.
Extend Anytime
Your inaugural event was a smashing success, leaving attendees clamouring for an encore. With Tixtree, scheduling a repeat performance is a breeze. Add a new date whenever you're ready, and your event will seamlessly relaunch, preserving all the setup and details you meticulously crafted for its debut.
Ticket types
Unlimited Types
Cater to different segments of your audience by creating unlimited ticket types. Whether it's General Admission, Student, Child, or any other category, our platform allows you to offer diverse pricing options to meet the needs of your attendees.
Early Bird
Optionally mark one or more ticket types as 'Early Bird' to incentivise early purchases. The ticket type will be elevated to the top of your list during the booking process, while its distinct accent colour ensures it catches the eye of potential attendees.
Export Answers
Easily export all responses to the questions included in the order form in either .csv or .pdf format.
Min/Max Quantity
You have the flexibility to enforce rules on the number of ticket types purchasable per single order. For example, if your event is for couples, you can set the minimum quantity to two, ensuring a clear booking experience for your attendees.
Max Capacity
If you're organising an event with limited capacity and you wish to offer various purchasing options, this feature is for you. You can set a limit on the number of tickets purchasable for a specific event.
Hide Before/After Date
Maximise control over your ticket sales with the extension of the sales start/end feature. You can hide a ticket until it becomes available for purchase or automatically hide it once the sales period ends.
Quantity & Price
Tailor the availability to suit your needs, set custom prices, and specify whether taxes are included or excluded.
Access Code
You can hide one or more ticket types behind an access code. This ensures that only individuals with the code can reveal them in the ticket types list, maintaining exclusivity for select attendees.
Tax Rates
Effortlessly manage tax rates to meet your jurisdiction's requirements. Worried about tickets subjected to different tax rates? Don't be. You can create as many tax rates as you need and link them to any ticket type.
Details Matter
Easily include optional descriptions for each ticket type to provide attendees with additional details during the booking process. Ensure attendees have all the necessary information they need for a seamless experience.
Sales Start/End
Enhance your booking process with dynamic flexibility by setting up date ranges for specific ticket types. Additionally, you can specify start and end times for each date, offering precise control over when tickets are available for purchase.
Order Form
Imagine this: you're organising an event and you need to collect specific information from your attendees to personalise their experience. Enter our solution! With ease, you can include short text, long text, single-choice, and multiple-choice questions within your order process. Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing attendees for extra details after they've made their purchase.
Get Notified
Receive an email as soon as a new order comes in. You can also turn them off if you wish.
Email Broadcasts
Contact anyone who placed an order with only one move.
Transfer Fees
Not a fan of ticketing fees? You can effortlessly transfer your order fees to the buyer.
Order Confirmation
You can personalise your order confirmation emails by incorporating dynamic data using placeholders, ensuring a unique and meaningful expression of gratitude to your customers.
Effortlessly export all your orders into either .csv or .pdf formats, allowing for convenient offline review of your event's performance.
You can issue refunds directly from the order management page. You have the flexibility to choose between a full refund, a refund minus Stripe's and Tixtree's fees, or a partial refund. Rest assured, you're always in control, no matter the scenario.
We understand it can be frustrating, but unfortunately, misuse of services is a reality. Rest assured, you have the freedom to cancel a full order without issuing a refund if necessary.
You can optionally set refund rules and let your customers refund their tickets before a specific number of days before the event start.
Refund To Voucher
Of course, various scenarios may prompt a refund request. For instance, customers might inquire about transferring their order to a different date. In such cases, you can issue a refund in the form of a voucher. This voucher allows customers to redeem their purchase at one of your future events, without incurring any additional costs. Bonus: they can also be redeemed on different orders!
Are you a registered business? You can download your invoice starting from the second day of each month.
Digital Tickets
Say goodbye to traditional paper tickets and embrace digital tickets provided by our platform. Not only they are more environmentally friendly, but they also enhance security, prevent ticket fraud, provide a user-friendly experience, and offer data-driven insights.
In-App Check-in
Discover the seamless convenience of our digital ticket scanner with our user-friendly web app. Effortlessly check-in attendees by framing the QR code, instantly granting them access. Should you need to reverse or cancel the check-in, it's as simple as clicking a button.
Manual Check-in
If you prefer, you can check in your attendees comfortably seated at your desk, with just a click of your mouse or a tap on your mobile device.
In case your venue lacks mobile or Wi-Fi signals, you can conveniently export the event doorlist anytime and bring it with you in its digital format as .csv or .pdf files.
Cancel Check-in
Picture this: one of your attendees simply needs to return to their car after being checked in. There's no need to remember their face; you can easily undo the check-in and rescan their QR code upon their return.
Team Management
With the team management feature, you can invite an unlimited number of individuals to assist you with your events. You can assign roles and permissions, granting access to specific areas as needed.