We are on a mission

Shaping ticketing
as a force for good

We serve as a catalyst, empowering event organisers to become true champions of change. We believe that events can lead, inspire and ignite transformative action.
Our story
Tixtree is our answer to the need of preserving the Planet we live in.
After carefully examining various industries, we deliberately selected the event ticketing sector. This decision wasn't arbitrary.

Millions of events around the world have an impact on the environment but they also have the power to bring people together, triggering uncountable smiles and giving voice to important issues.

With this in mind, we set out to create a ticketing platform that makes selling tickets and managing events easier for event organisers while giving them the opportunity to make a positive impact.

We realised that we are not alone, many event organisers feel the responsibility to act for our planet's future, but they don't know how or where to start.

To fill this gap we created Tixtree, a modern ticketing solution that fund projects to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, restore the environment and tackle the climate crisis using one of the most effective tool: tree planting.

By choosing our platform to bring events to life and sell tickets, event organisers have the chance of contributing to environmental well-being and conservation efforts. We want to make it easy to do good and inspire others in doing the same.
A world where every business endeavour is driven by a profound purpose and where conscious people and visionary entrepreneurs consider all the stakeholder's interests, including our precious Earth. In this society, technology becomes a catalyst for positive change, empowering us to overcome the greatest challenges and create a world where everyone can thrive.
To empower event organisers in providing memorable experiences and nurturing the well-being of our planet, shaping a world where events become a force for good.
We're driven by our values
Be impactful

We are committed to make a profound impact, both on our cherished customers and the precious planet we call home. We strive to go beyond mere transactions, seeking to uplift our customers with transformative solutions and embrace our responsibility to restore the environment.

Be transparent

We believe in radical trust and open communication, providing our stakeholders with a clear view of our operations, policies, and practices, by ensuring accountability at every step. We strive to create an environment where transparency fosters meaningful connections.

Be proud

We feed an environment where our team and customers take immense pride in working with us, inspired by our impactful work and unwavering dedication. By consistently delivering excellence and working with integrity, we create a sense of fulfilment in those who are part of our journey.

Be curious

We foster a culture of curiosity and relentless learning. We view failures not as setbacks but as invaluable opportunities for growth and innovation. Through our curiosity, we unlock new perspectives, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, unafraid to challenge conventional beliefs.

Be open

We embody a culture of collaboration, actively engaging with our valued customers. By cultivating strong partnerships, we gain deep insights into their unique needs to craft tailor-made features that elevate their businesses to new heights.

Be wise

We embrace intelligent risk-taking as fearless pioneers. We understand that true progress requires the courage to step outside our comfort zones and challenge the status quo. With wisdom as our guide, we make bold actions and intelligent choices to shape our future and create a lasting impact.