Tixtree vs Eventbrite

A comprehensive comparison guide

Ticketing platforms offer an excellent solution for selling tickets and managing events, but choosing the right one for your business can be challenging.

That's where we come in.

Below, we compared Tixtree and Eventbrite so you can gain valuable insights into how these platforms fare in terms of fees, data ownership, user experience, and more.

Tixtree dashboard

What makes Tixtree different?

Affordable pricing


per paid ticket sold

We recognise your hard work and we are dedicated to supporting you in preserving your achievements. With a small fixed fee per ticket sold and no additional costs, we ensure transparency and fairness in our pricing.


£0.59 + 6.95%
per paid ticket sold

Eventbrite charges you or your customers both a percentage and a flat fee per ticket sold. This means that, for a ticket priced £10.00, Eventbrite's fees will be £1.29 which are 3 times more than Tixtree. Plus, if you sell more than 25 tickets you have to pay a monthly subscription which starts at £7.99 per event.

Instant fund release
Tixtree doesn't hold your money. Once a ticket is sold, you will instantly receive your funds, without any unnecessary delays. We understand the importance of timely access to your earnings, and our streamlined payout process ensures that you can get your funds as soon as they are sent.
By default, Eventbrite payouts are not instantaneous; they are set to occur three days after the completion of your event. However, you also have the option to adjust the payout frequency to weekly or fortnightly.
Empowering control
Tixtree ensures your event remains the centre of attention by limiting communication to a single email confirmation for ticket buyers. Stay focused on what matters most: your events.
Eventbrite capitalises on your customer data by promoting similar events to them, ultimately diverting attention from your own event.
Harnessing independence
Tixtree is 100% indipendent, with event organisers as sole stakeholders. We prioritise your needs without external influences, allowing us to make decisions solely in your best interests.
As a publicly traded company, Eventbrite has shareholders focused on maximising profits. This emphasis on financial gains can prioritise shareholders' financial gains over customer satisfaction or the long-term interests of the customers.
Become a hero for attendees and the planet
By choosing our platform, selling tickets becomes an opportunity to make a positive impact. With Tixtree, event organisers contribute to our mission of tackling the climate crisis. We allocate 5 pence for each ticket sold to fund tree-planting projects, transforming ticketing into a force for good.

Why event organisers choose Tixtree over Eventbrite?

Here are some reasons organisers choose Tixtree to host their events

Lowest fees on the market

Tixtree stands out by offering the most competitive fees in the ticketing industry. We have achieved this by implementing a simple solution: a fixed fee of £0.30 per ticket sold. There are no hidden charges, booking fees, set-up costs, or monthly subscriptions. Additionally, Tixtree is completely free for free events, both now and in the future.

Our transparent and fair pricing structure enables organisers to maintain better profit margins, manage costs efficiently, and prioritise the success of their events.

High-performance software

Tixtree revolutionises event management with its cutting-edge platform. Our advanced technology delivers unmatched speed, responsiveness, and reliability, empowering you to accomplish tasks efficiently.

But that's not all. Tixtree shines with a sleek and intuitive user interface that makes event creation and management effortless. You'll be free to focus on where it truly matters: crafting and orchestrating unforgettable events.

Being part of the climate solution

When you choose Tixtree, you're not just gaining access to a highly competitive platform - you're becoming an agent of environmental conservation. For each ticket sold, 5 pence are dedicated to funding tree-planting projects, rejuvenating degraded ecosystems, and actively reducing CO2 levels.

But it doesn't end there. Tixtree equips you with impactful social assets, enabling you to showcase your environmental impact and inspire others to follow suit. Your attendees will be thrilled to be part of something bigger, knowing that their participation directly contributes to the planet's well-being.

Every ticket sold becomes a powerful stride toward a greener future.

A support team that's here for you

Our unwavering dedication to customer service sets us apart from the ticketing industry's historical neglect in this area. As an event host seeking guidance, advice, and reassurance on your setup, we are fully committed to providing the support you need. Our team is driven by an extreme passion for assisting you, ensuring that you receive the utmost care, attention, and expertise throughout your journey.

Count on us to go above and beyond to help you succeed in every aspect of your event planning and execution. At Tixtree, your satisfaction is our obsession.