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Accept payments for ticket sales: enabling online and offline payment methods

by Tixtree in Financials

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This article will guide you through the process of enabling online payments through Stripe and setting up offline payment methods to provide flexibility for your customers.

Enable online payment with Stripe
  1. Click "Settings" in the top navigation bar;
  2. Click "Payment methods" in the side navigation bar;
  3. Click “Enable” to Stripe method to make it available to your customers during the checkout process;
  4. Click "Enable Now";
  5. At this stage your Tixtree account has been linked to Stripe but the payment method is in "Pending" status and won't be available to your customers. Before confirming your eligibility to receive payments, Stripe kindly requests you to finalise the process on their platform.
  6. Click "Finalise Now";
  7. Fill the onboarding form provided by Stripe to finalise the process.
Optional: setting up offline payment methods

To provide additional payment options for your customers, you can choose to accept offline payments in combination with online methods. For offline payment methods, it is essential to provide clear payment instructions that will be prominently displayed throughout the checkout process. This ensures that your customers have guidance on how to make offline payments.

  1. Click “Enable” to offer one or more of the offline methods, including:
    1. Point-of-Sale (POS)
    2. This method allows your customers to conveniently pay using a point-of-sale machine.
    3. Bank
    4. This option enables your customers to make payments via bank transfer.
    5. Cash
    6. By enabling this offline method you offer your customers the flexibility to pay in cash at your physical box office.
  2. Add instructions for ticket buyers so that they can learn how to pay offline;
  3. Click "Enable now".
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